"I’ve been going to How Do You Know That Trivia events for several years and haven’t been disappointed. Nick and Rebecca really know how to throw trivia events that are never boring. I’ve seen trivia written for retirement home crowds to groups of normally bored millennials – they really know how to cater to every crowd. Trivia rounds can range from 90s boy bands to juuuuust-tricky-enough-geography questions, and they’re always a blast. I’ve been a loyal follower of Nick and Rebecca for years now and I’m looking forward to the new questions I see very week."


"Socializing, memory recollection, laughter, playfulness… these are all vital for good cognitive health. Trivia Nights with Nick and Rebecca bring exactly this to our community. It is a real treat to see residents engaging with one another, recalling facts, working as a team, and as a result, building new friendships. Nick and Rebecca are engaging and fun. For many of our residents, it is the highlight of their week."
-MJ, Life Enrichment Director


"How Do You Know That took a birthday party from okay to awesome. Our party had a multi-generational guest list. Many guests didn’t know each other. Nick and Rebecca from How Do You Know That pulled together several rounds of trivia that were made for my heavily east coast crowd. The questions had visuals, were grouped into topics chosen for my guests, they were easy to use on a laptop (I projected mine on a screen) and it was a perfect ice breaker."


"Trivia is my favorite activity on our activities calendar!"


"Every time we play trivia, I remember something interesting and learn something new!"
- Erma


"After the past 2 years of being apart, it feels good to see friends each time we play."
- Richard


"The first I came to trivia, I thought I wouldn’t know anything. But the questions are worded with lots of clues that helped our team put or heads together and come up with the answer."


"I love playing trivia, and I love the questions asked by Nick and Rebecca---questions that are challenging but fun and doable. Focused on people who've had a lot of life experiences over the years."
- Jan