• How many people can you accommodate?

    The more the merrier! We’ve done quizzes with as few as three teams, and as many as fifty.

  • How do we set up teams?

    An ideal trivia team is four to six players, comprised of people with varying interests. When we’re building our own teams, we like to find people who can cover some of these topics: history, movies, science, sports, music, geography, current events, etc.

    Have a shy group? We’re happy to help get teams set up (we call it playing trivia matchmaker). Our friendly hosts are great at helping people out of their shells and ready to play!

  • Are there winners?

    Of course! At the end of each game, we tally up scores and declare the winner. We’ll also keep teams updated on their standings after each round.

  • Are there prizes?

    We highly encourage it! People love playing for something, no matter how small it might be. And offering prizes for more than just first place (2nd, 3rd, maybe even Middle of the Pack) is a great way to keep all teams engaged and excited as the game progresses.

    We’re happy to work with you on figuring out what prizes work best for your group!

  • Can we have a league?

    Of course! We LOVE this! It’s gratifying to see teams gel over time, and work on their strategy. We’re happy to walk you through how leagues are set up, and help determine for how long a season should run for your group.

    We can also create a league that crosses multiple venues, culminating in a championship match…who wouldn’t want those bragging rights on their brochures?!

  • How much does it cost?

    We charge a flat rate per game session, which includes the questions, answer sheets, and staff time. Customized rounds specific to your group may cost more. Contact us for more details.

  • I’ve always wanted to write a Trivia round. Can I?

    Of course! Let us know you’re interested! Nick loves to work with aspiring trivia writers on how to identify good questions, work in some clever clues, and craft the most entertaining rounds.

  • I’ve always wanted to host a Trivia round, or maybe even a whole Trivia Night. Can I?

    Yes! Nick enjoys training new hosts and bestowing his years of wisdom (his words) on them.

    Call us and let's chat!