How Do You Know That Trivia games are an event!
And when we say we trivia belongs everywhere, we mean EVERYWHERE!

Bars/Restaurants- Well, obviously. Trivia is a very effective way to generate business during the week and build new clientele?!

Corporate Events/Team Building- Trivia offers an easy way for people to open up to and connect with their colleagues. It also pairs great with a work party or happy hour, taking away a lot of the awkwardness of just standing around a pub or break room.

Residential Complexes- Have a building full of young professionals? Have a killer community space? Trivia is a great option for a monthly mixer! Let your residents learn who their neighbors are while pitting them against one another in a friendly battle of the minds!

Senior Living- Did you know that trivia offers great health benefits to seniors? It’s true…playing trivia is as much a workout for your brain as going to the gym is for your body. Specifically, it exercises the brain’s frontal cortex, which helps keep our memories sharp as we age!

Schools- Want to liven up an assembly? Or just add some excitement to a lesson plan? Replace that pop quiz with a fun game of trivia, and maybe tack on a prize at the end (even if it’s just bragging rights…but give them a kazoo or something), and you’ll be amazed at the excitement!

Community/Youth Centers- Whether it’s an after-school program at a Boys & Girls Club, or a family night at the local YMCA, we have rounds guaranteed to keep people smiling, engaged, and entertained. We even offer trivia-writing workshops too…just ask us!

Fundraisers- Trivia is a great activity to offer during fundraising events. Did we mention we have history in the events world? Let us help you get those paddles up and donations rolling in.

Private Parties- Yes, we can come to your home. Yes, we can write trivia revolving around a guest of honor. Yes, we’re willing to swear if requested.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties- Please see private parties above. And no, “strip trivia” is not a thing, and you don’t want it to be a thing. Trust us.

Oh, and on that note…

Singles/Speed Dating Events- Yes, we do that. And yes, it works. Think about it—what better way to learn about another person than the stories behind their different interests brought on by some random questions?! Plus, the whole putting your heads together thing and razzing the quizmaster together…apparently, it’s a recipe for connection!