How Do You Know That Trivia … now available anywhere!

We stand by our statement that trivia belongs everywhere—preferably our trivia—and while we’d love nothing more than to be the ones hosting at your venue, there’s only so far we can push our Subaru, and only so long we’re willing to be away from our cats. 

Luckily, we’ve gone digital, and we have the perfect host … YOU!

Sign up for the subscription package that best suits your needs, and we’ll send a complete How Do You Know That Trivia game to you in presentation form, fresh off one of our live shows. 

It’s true, and it’s what makes us unique … before any of our trivia gets shot through the webiverse, we host it ourselves, gather our feedback, make any needed adjustments, and send it your way, ready to go! 

Having hosted trivia just about everywhere, we pride ourselves on knowing the diversity of trivia crowds, learning just the right wheelhouse for certain groups, and creating the most entertaining games with just the right amount of challenge. This means that while pub trivia will have a broader area of focus, senior communities might zero in more in the 1950s-70s range, while the young professional set can expect more questions on topics from this century.

It's our job to find that sweet spot where players—regardless of age—aren’t getting every answer right, or every answer wrong, but are nonetheless engaged. Winning is great but we also hope every player will learn something new each time they play.

We send you trivia weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. You, or someone chosen by you (preferably a fellow quiz-head) hosts, at your discretion and leisure. We also include all the tools you need to make this a success. We can’t think of a more flexible, accommodating, or better solution to your trivia needs!

We offer subscription packages in three distinct categories:

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Senior Living Subscriptions

Everybody’s favorite event on the Activity Calendar! 4 rounds each game, including a visual round.


Bar Trivia Subscriptions

Everybody’s favorite night of the week! 5 rounds each game, including a visual round.


Corporate Trivia

Everybody’s favorite activity when you’re forced to be somewhere!

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