"Trivia is my favorite activity on our activities calendar!"
- Susan

  • How many people can you accommodate?

    The more the merrier! We’ve done quizzes with as few as three teams, and as many as 40 teams.

"Every time we play trivia, I remember something interesting and learn something new."
- Erma

  • How do we set up teams?

    Ideal teams are four to five players, comprised of people with varying interests. When we’re building our own teams, we like to find people who can cover some of these topics: history, movies, science, sports, music, current events, etc.

    Have a shy community? We’re happy to help set up initial teams. Our friendly hosts have uncanny abilities to help people out of their shells and build brilliant teams just by chatting folks up for a few minutes.

"After the past 2 years of being apart, it feels good to see friends each time we play."
- Richard

  • Are there winners?

    Heck, yeah! At the end of each game we tally up scores and declare the winner. If requested, we’ll keep teams updated of their standings as the game progresses. At the end of the event, it’s always fun to see people linger around talking about their right and wrong answers…particularly what stumped them!

"The first time I came to trivia, I thought I wouldn’t know anything. But the questions are worded with lots of clues that helped our team put or heads together and come up with the answer."
- Arlene

  • Are there prizes?

    We highly encourage it! People love playing for something, no matter how small it might be. We’re happy to work with you on figuring out what prizes work best for your group!

"I love playing trivia, and I love the questions asked by Nick and Rebecca - questions that are challenging but fun and doable. Focused on people who've had a lot of life experiences over the years."
- Jan

  • Can we have a league?

    Of course! We LOVE this! It’s gratifying to see teams gel over time, and work on their team strategy. And it’s fun to see a little friendly competition start brewing.

    We’re happy to walk you through how leagues are set up, and determining for how long a season should run for your group.

    We can also create a league that crosses multiple venues, culminating in a championship match…who wouldn’t want those bragging rights on their brochures?!