A bold statement, yes? It’s true. Hear us out.


How Do You Know That Trivia provides fun, engaging, smart trivia events to locations around the Seattle area (live) and all across the country (digital). You can find our trivia just about anywhere people gather…bars, offices, residential complexes, senior communities, youth centers, libraries, schools, and even churches.


We feel trivia works and belongs everywhere, as it’s an ideal way to bring people together, build friendships friends, encourage collaboration, keep your brain sharp, and show off your ridiculous knowledge about esoteric topics.


And asking someone “How do you know that?!” when they pull a seemingly impossible answer from the recesses of their memory leads to some pretty insightful stories being shared, and deeper connections being forged.


See what we mean about building communities?


No matter your trivia needs, we’ve got you covered. If you want us to come to your venue and host your event, click LIVE. If you want us to send you the exact same trivia anywhere you might be and host it yourself, click DIGITAL.